Things To Do From Le Gros Chigy

This page is provided as a place for those staying at The House in La Gros Chigy to see what they can visit or do when they want a change from the rural life and surroundings.


We will be continuing to add our own ideas and descriptions as Posts which will be linked here
What to do - Bissy sur Fley & Cafe Papyllon
Notre Dame - The Romanesque Church at Bissy sur Fley
Besanceuil's Chateau, Church and Pigeon Cote
Nearby Villages - Salornay sur Guye
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There are a number of comprehensive websites that you can browse for hours, some of these are linked at the end of this article. I also intend to develop single image (phamplets, websites, online descriptions) links to places I think of interest along with GPS co-ordinates - click the image for more information if you are online.




Miniatures et automates en bois de Joël et Maryse Dedianne-2.jpg
Wooden miniatures from pendulum clocks to dolls needing a magnifying glass - a fascinating craft in Bonnay. Well worth a visit and a good source of different and cheap gifts for those back home.
Joël et Maryse Dedianne
Tél. 03 85 59 43 08
N 46° 32' 46''    E 4° 37' 06''

Atelier La Licorne.jpg
If bronze casting or antique decor are you interests then visit this studio in Salornay.
Atelier La Licorne‎
Tél. 03 85 59 91 91
N 46.51982° E 4.59462°

Walking and Cycling

La Voie Verte is a tarred cycle path that follows old railway tracks and canals - this means the uphills are minimal! It is closed to mechanised transport and is provided with car parks, toilets, picnic places and other amenities to help make the journey enjoyable.


Burgundy Today - Your complete guide to the Burgundy region of France also known as Bourgogne.

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